Estimated cost: $2966 * (This amount includes the $300 deposit.)

Program dates: July 3 - July 31, 2017

Application deadline for 2017 program: January 20, 2017

The Language and Culture Service-Learning study abroad program is in its 10th year, and starting in July 2017, it will offer all three courses of the ESOL Endorsement Program at the undergraduate and graduate levels. In this program we discuss and put into practice ESOL and EFL teaching methods in rural and urban settings and discuss linguistic concepts and theories while exploring through applied activities such questions as: How does language work? How is it tied to our identities? What happens (to language and to people) when speakers of different languages come into contact? How does this impact students and teachers in schools? How is globalization impacting the way we talk?

During this month-long program, students will explore through reflections, discussion, and theoretical readings, the nexus between language and culture and how this impacts the teaching and learning of ESL/EFL. As part of the service-learning component, participants will apply what they are learning over a week-long “English Camp” for local elementary school children, developing interactive lessons that integrate the Costa Rican national science curriculum, all the while exploring strategies for teaching English to non-native speakers. Most of the course is held at the rural UGA Costa Rica campus and the surrounding communities tucked into the mountains around the Monteverde Cloud Forest. However, we also travel to San José to have experience the capital city and its schools, students, and teachers, to the Volcán Poás, and to Playa Hermosa, one of Costa Rica’s coastal jewels in the Guanacaste region, where we end out program.

Participating students enroll in all three ESOL Endorsement courses, which through this study abroad they become a seamless whole, integrating all program activities into an overall learning experience. Participating students will enroll in: ESOL Methods P-12 (LLED 5630/7630) which will encompass the work we will be doing in the San Luis and San José communities and reflections on that work regarding teaching methods in EFL and ESL contexts; Language & Culture in the Classroom (LLED 5040/7040), which provides opportunities to reflect on the construction of the concept of the "other" and the inclusion of this "other" into our society, schools, and classrooms; and First and Second Language Acquisition (LLED 5730/7730), through which students learn and apply theories when creating and implementing English camp, discussing language teaching and learning with EFL and ESL teachers, and interviewing native and non-native language speakers of diverse languages in pre-trip and during trip experiences.

Note: The courses offered in this program are the 3 ESOL endorsement courses required by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

 Contact Information

   Dr. Lou Tolosa-Casadont

Academic Courses

LLED  5630/ 7630- ESOL, Grades P-12 
LLED 5040/7040 - Language & Culture in the Classroom
LLED 5730/7730 - 1st & 2nd Language Acquisition & Development

Scholarship Information

UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad
OIE General Scholarship

*Program Fee

Program fees cover all lodging in-country, three meals per day, travel insurance, and all sponsored in-country transportation and entry fees. They do not include UGA in-state tuition† and fees, personal purchases, and international airfare. For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the UGA Bursar's website.

* The final program fee is subject to student enrollment.
† Note: Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. Additionally, the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships apply to those who are eligible.

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