Cost: $3,182 (Summer 2016)* (This amount includes the deposit)

Program dates: June 11- July 2, 2017

Application deadline for 2017 program: January 20, 2017

A hands-on program designed for wildlife, biology, animal health, veterinary medicine students, and others in relevant disciplines interested in tropical conservation issues, particularly as they relate to the intersection of human, animal and ecosystem health.

Conservation medicine is an emerging field that is concerned with the interface between human health, animal health (both wild and domestic) and ecosystem health. It is a synthesis of the fields of veterinary medicine, public health, ecology, forestry and natural resources and the principles of conservation biology, biogeography, population genetics, economics, sociology, anthropology, philosophy and other disciplines to understand and maintain biological diversity throughout the world. Conservation biology deals with threats to biodiversity and with preserving the biologic and genetic diversity of animals and plants. Both of these disciplines are intertwined in the course through real-life situations. In addition, at all times, students will learn about tropical ecology and the natural history of the wildlife in Costa Rica.

Professionals faced with a career in wildlife health, wildlife biology, wildlife management, human-animal or domestic animal/wildlife-interface issues and those interested in habitat/wildlife conservation will benefit from a solid foundation in both of these disciplines. An international location for the courses taught on this program lends itself well to covering issues facing the developing world such as emergent diseases, and animal and public health challenges. This program aims to provide students from various backgrounds with the opportunity to learn and practice the principles of conservation biology/medicine using the ecology and fauna of Costa Rica (an area of rich biodiversity with a long history of conservation research).

Contact Information

Dr. Sonia M. Hernandez


Academic Courses

POPH5118 - Conservation Medicine - Conservation Biology
POPH5418 - Conservation Medicine - Conservation Biology

Scholarship Information

UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad
OIE General Scholarship

* Program Cost:

Program fees cover all lodging in-country, three meals per day, travel insurance, and all sponsored in-country transportation and entry fees. They do not include UGA in-state tuition† and fees, personal purchases, and international airfare. For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the UGA Bursar's website.

* The final program fee is subject to student enrollment.
† Note: Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. Additionally, the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships applies to those who are eligible.

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