Cost: $2855* (This amount includes the $300 deposit.)

Program dates:  May 9-31, 2017

Application deadline: January 20, 2017

How does a visitor see a place for the first time? What is present and absent in the documents we create of a place that is new to us? These are just two of the questions we will consider in the Art & Journalism Maymester program; a great opportunity for students to use creative processes to study, observe, interpret, and derive meaning from a visit abroad. As a result of their experiences and reflections, the students will then create a process-portfolio of original works, journal entries, sketches, and a final exhibition that demonstrates the ways their art and ways of thinking have been informed by their international study experience.

The painting course with emphasis on aqueous media will utilize water-based media- watercolor, ink and gouache as students explore the flora and fauna of Costa Rica. Painting will mostly be done outside of the classroom from observation in the field. Students will draw inspiration from the landscape, animals, architecture and culture of the region while simultaneously experiment with basic painting techniques and theory.

The photography course will emphasize field experience, utilizing images to engage conceptual content. Techniques will include camera controls, composition, quality of light, editing, and printing. The work of other prominent photographers will be explored along with related assignments that combine theory and example with field photography.

The Environmental Journalism course goes beyond the headlines to provide students a critical language to make sense of our changing planet using a set of storytelling tools. Students will develop a multi-media portfolio (blogs, photography, long-form narratives) to prepare for careers in the growing field of environmental journalism and mass communication. Each student will have work published during the session.

Contact Information

Jamie Bull
Mo Costello
Tom Hudson

Academic Courses

ARST 2220 - Introduction to Photography Fieldwork
ARST 3140 - Painting Studio
JRLC 5990 - Environmental Journalism

Scholarship Information

UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad
OIE General Scholarship

*Program Fee

Program fees cover all lodging in-country, three meals per day, travel insurance, and all sponsored in-country transportation and entry fees. They do not include UGA in-state tuition† and fees, personal purchases, and international airfare. For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the UGA Bursar's website.

* The final program fee is subject to student enrollment.
† Note: Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. Additionally, the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships apply to those who are eligible.

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