Cost: $2690* (This amount includes the $300 deposit.)

Program dates: May 9 - 31, 2017

Application deadline: January 20, 2017

This unique program will focus on Latin American culture through the powerful use of cinema. Undoubtedly, films are a rich source of meaningful cultural information and students can come to understand much about a country's culture—its history, politics, social problems, and so on—via the discussion and analysis of national or regional cinema.

The two Spanish courses offered are SPAN3020 (Advanced Composition & Conversation) SPAN4080 (Latin American Culture through Cinema). Both courses will utilize a variety of Latin American films as a window to explore the ideological, historical, and political implications of regional cinema. Through in-class discussion, the student will learn to appreciate world cinema while examining the interaction between films and their sociocultural context, further deepening their knowledge of the Spanish language. Additionally, students will interact with Costa Rican filmmakers, artists, musicians, and storytellers. Ultimately, the program participants will learn that art, music, history, and geography are tightly interconnected and each play important roles in shaping the unique culture of each Hispanic country.

On the English side of this program, two courses will also be offered—one in creative writing and digital media, and the other in photodocumentary. In the creative writing course, students will keep a daily journal and then use the Abode Creative Suite to design a multimedia magazine. In the photodocumentary class, students will produce a short creative work using HD cameras and the Apple editing suite. Many of the recent films can be found on UGA Costa Rica's YouTube site. (No previous experience with Apple or Adobe software is required.)

Scriptwriting and sound design classes will include production within both city and rural areas of Costa Rica as a means to produce a short narrative piece. Every experience will help you understand the local community and environment better, and a creative expression of this learning process is expected in the writing and production classes.

Contact Information

Dr. Spenser Simrill
Dr. Aurora Thorgerson

Academic Courses

ENGL 3800 - Online Travel and Nature Writing
ENGL 4800 - Photodocumentary and Narrative
SPAN 3020 - Advanced Composition & Conversation
SPAN 4080 - Culture & Literature in Latin America

Scholarship Information

UGA Foundation Incentive Scholarship for Study Abroad
OIE General Scholarship

*Program Fee

Program fees cover all lodging in-country, three meals per day, travel insurance, and all sponsored in-country transportation and entry fees. They do not include UGA in-state tuition† and fees, personal purchases, and international airfare. For more information on tuition and fees, please visit the UGA Bursar's website.

* The final program fee is subject to student enrollment.
† Note: Out-of-state students pay in-state tuition. Additionally, the HOPE and Zell Miller scholarships apply to those who are eligible.

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