This course is the continuation to SPAN3010; thus, it is a conversation and composition course. SPAN 3020 can be taken conjointly with SPAN 3040, 4150 & 4090S. The main objective of the course is to expand on the skills learned in SPAN 3010 while preparing the students for the oral and written challenges of the advanced courses.

Taking this course in Costa Rica offers the unique opportunity to attend classes in a Spanish speaking environment while spending three weeks at the home of a Costa Rican family. Real life materials such as Costa Rican newspapers and Spanish Language films and music are used together with the traditional textbooks to offer a variety of language resources. Class assignments are designed so that the students can reflect on the experiences of the trip and learn more about the country, its culture and its people.


SPAN 3010 or SPAN 3010H or SPAN 3011 or SPAN 3040

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