Ever wondered why the Earth looks the way it does or why mountains, volcanoes, plains, floods, earthquakes, landslides, etc... occur in some places, but not others? Or why natural resources such as aluminum, silver, gold, oil, natural gas, and coal are limited? What happens when hydrocarbon energy sources run out? What other options are available? Costa Rica provides the perfect opportunity to study a variety of geologic hazards (volcanoes, mass movements) up close, and Costa Rica provides the perfect framework to study the management of non-renewable resources and the sustainable use of renewable ones, in the context of a society that treasures its people and the generous environment that supports it. Earth is the only home we have. It has provided resources for life to evolve and flourish over the last 2.5 billion years. Only with a deep understanding of how natural systems work to produce valuable resources can our species succeed in the challenge of survival on a finite Earth. Ultimately, how do we affect our environment and how does it affect us?


No pre-reqs.

Not open to students with credit in GEOL1121H or GEOL1250 or GEOL2350H.

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