This course is designed as a two-credit undergraduate-level course dealing with problems associated with food science, that being the challenges faced by growers, processors, and marketers of coffee in Costa Rica. Via tours to various Costa Rican coffee operations during the harvest season and the delivery of formal lectures, the students should have the ability on successful completion of this course to (i) describe production practices of coffee in Costa Rica; (ii) describe the challenges faced by coffee farmers in raising their crop; (iii) recognize the complexity and limitations of the production, manufacturing and distribution pattern of coffee products from the Costa Rican processing plant to consumer purchase; and (iv) recognize the positive and negative health consequences from coffee consumption.


FDST4150: BIOL1103/L or BIOL1107/L or BIOL1108/L or equivalent

FDST6150: none

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FDST4150/6150 syllabus.pdf

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