The 155-acre UGACR campus, located in San Luis de Monteverde, is a model of sustainability. It includes computer and science labs, two indoor classrooms with up-to-date technology and an outdoor classroom, spacious bungalow dorms, a student union/dining hall, and recreational facilities. There are over 2 miles of hiking trails throughout the campus’ forest reserve, along with a working organic farm and reforestation nursery, and the San Luis Botanical Garden with a medicinal plants garden and arboretum trails. WIFI is available on all main buildings on campus.

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1. UGACR Campus Road

2. From Medicinal Garden

3. UGACR Student Union - Day

4. UGACR Student Union - Night

5. Front Lawn

6.  "Chachalaca" classroom

7. Park Space

8. Student Bungalow 

9. "Pereszoso" Rec Pavilion

10. Pasture and the Forest Road 

11. Reforestation Nursery 

12. Ecolodge Cabina

13. Camino Real Trail

14. Camino Real Trail 

15. San Luis River Crossing

16. Resident Naturalist Trail

17. UGACR Organic Farm

Scenic Overlook

18. Scenic overlook to the Pacific