Faculty Director for Tropical Ecology Maymester


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Dr. Connelly, PT Assistant Professor UGA Odum School of Ecology, graduated from UGA’s Ecology PhD program, and holds BS degrees in Ecology and Business Economics. His research interests broadly include sustainability and conservation issues. Much of his current research focuses on ecosystem change resulting from ongoing global amphibian declines, particularly with respect to the catastrophic losses of tropical frogs, and amphibian husbandry issues. He is also interested in tropical stream ecology, particularly with respect to how land use changes affect aquatic biota. Scott’s previous research has examined plant/insect interactions, effects of land use on amphibian ecology, freshwater turtle ecology, and amphibian natural history. Scott has worked in various regions of Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, and Trinidad. He has been actively involved in various outreach events, and coordinated the ecology education outreach program at the Odum School of Ecology. Scott currently teaches a variety of classes, including Environmental Science, General Ecology, Tropical Field Ecology, Conservation Biology, and Ecology Research Methods.