Senior Lecturer, Department of Geology


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I have spent most of my life studying and teaching Geology, and I love to do both. Over the years, I have learned to appreciate how precious and fragile our planet is and the importance of bringing to our younger generations a greater understanding of how it works. Geology has given me the chance to do two of the things I enjoy most: being outdoors and traveling to the most incredible places on Earth, from the National Parks of the Western U.S. and the Hawaiian Islands, to the Andes of Argentina and Perú, the Patagonian wilderness, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. I feel that it is a unique privilege to be able to share with students my time in the field and my experiences of a lifetime.

I received my Masters of Science degree in Geology in 1977, and my Ph.D. in Geology in 1990, both from the University of Buenos Aires. As many areas of geology have captured my interest, I have also pursued other degrees related to Geology: I got a second Masters degree in Petroleum Engineering in 1978, and, out of my love for gems, I went to school once more to earn a Graduate Gemologist diploma from the Gemological Institute of America in 1997. I joined UGA’s Department of Geology in 1992, after teaching at the University of Buenos Aires for 10 years. I currently teach undergraduate courses in environmental and historical geology, I coordinate the introductory geology labs, and I am actively involved with distance education, study abroad and diversity issues. I directed the Explore Earth in Argentina program between 2006 and 2010, and taught in New Zealand and Australia with the Global Programs in Sustainability, prior to joining the faculty of the Costa Rica Program.