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 Although Carol grew up in center city Philadelphia, she has always loved spending time in nature. When she  was a senior at the University of Pennsylvania, she took her first international field course in Costa Rica with  Dr. Dan Janzen and hiked across Corcovado National Park in southern Costa Rica. Dr. Janzen’s method of  teaching, based in a deep understanding of natural history and training students to develop hypotheses and  field experiments, is one that she still uses today.


Over the years, she has maintained a connection with the tropics. She has taught a graduate field course in Costa Rica, done field work in agricultural systems in southern Mexico and taught a workshop for teachers on tropical ecology and sustainable development in Ecuador. She received her PhD in Botany from the University of Texas in Austin, studying responses of cultivated squash and its wild relatives to physical and biological stressors.

She has taught numerous undergraduate courses at UGA including General Ecology, Ecological Basis of Environmental Issues, and Organismal Biology. She was also Curator for Education and Outreach at UGA's Georgia Museum of Natural History, where she developed programs and exhibits for the public. She has worked extensively with K-12 teachers to expand the teaching of ecology through use of the schoolyard as an outdoor classroom.

She likes to spend free time working in her vegetable garden, and finding new recipes to enjoy fresh home-grown food.